Kadal – Movie Review

Disclaimer: I am a naïve movie watcher. I don’t know what exactly direction and cinematography are. That should tell you quite a lot on whether you should read ahead. 😀

Overall, I liked the movie. Mani Rathnam does his best to personify the good and the bad. But the movie was too much like Raavan, and that made it a little overdose. It was a drag, and I hated the name “Bea” and her all-white dresses throughout the movie. The new actors sunk a level lower than bad. It felt weird that Mani sir would let them play lead roles just because they were kids of other stars.

Locations were fantastic. It was a pleasure to watch certain scenes in the movie. I cannot say I didn’t like ARR’s background music. What I could probably tell you is, I don’t know enough music to say that it was good. And typical Mani’s style, the good songs go in the background. At least, featuring them as “songs” could have served as the much-needed breaks in the movie.

There is no time to portray the strength of the characters. There are too many stories and threads, and it becomes evident that Mani sir wants to convey something intense, but he fails. It was not required at all that the heroine possess psychological disorder or Aravind swamy being born to a rich family. I don’t think it would have made much difference. Loose hanging information.

There could obviously have been a little more focus on the romance instead. “Bea” touching “tom’s” hands changes his life. Duh. Seriously? (Mind voice: Girl touching, boy problem. Harry potter also same problem”).

I also don’t know if the climax was graphics, but it just seemed so artificial. ARR’s voice in the last song so did not suit Arvind swamy. But the movie was very different, and I liked the happy ending. Though it is too late to say, hit the theatre, I would definitely say, hit play on Einthusan or wherever you can!

p.s: I so got reminded of “Kadhal jodhi kadhal jodhi nu oru padam sir. Title justification ku climax le fir sir. Anga nikkaraaru sir directoru”.





There are those things that are unshakeable,
Like the mountains,
Like the trust you hold.

There are those things that are immeasurable,
Like the huge ocean,
Like the way you love.

There are those things that are beautiful,
Like the rising sun,
Like your smile on those special moments.

And then there are things that are invaluable,
Like the new born kid to a mother,
Like those hugs and kisses.

All that it takes is a catastrophe,
And the world ends.

And it is then that you realize,
Nothing ever lasts.

But like the new world,
You only hope to be re-born.

State of mind


Running away from thoughts profound, 
Seeking the elusive freedom,
  …even if it means for a fleeting second,
Tying up life to the numerous “what-ifs”,
Dreading the future and the step ahead,
Convincing that everything is alright in a rare sane instant,
Overcoming the cowardice to own up to mistakes,
Feeling lazy to prepare the morning meal,
Fighting the poignancy that looms large,
Telling myself the cliched “stay strong”s,
Thinking of the summer mangoes,
Sheepishly grinning at the very thought,
Looking up high to see my shining star,
Oh, life is good after all!

p.s: Babble morning. 

Kids these days

It is no doubt that the kids of today are a hundred times smarter and it amazes me how much they know at a very young age. You call it evolution or whatever, but I continue to be surprised every time a kid outsmarts me.

The point of this post is not about these kids. It is about the doting parents. I am appalled at the attention the kids get from the parents and sometimes even it gets on to my nerves. I would quote one small instance. I was at amma’s office, waiting for her at the front desk. And I was sitting beside a lady who was waiting for some other reason. We started talking, usual Indian introductions, and among other things I told her my brother was going to IIT for his undergrad. Her face lit up and she started asking me about preparation, where he went for classes etc. I was patiently explaining all the while thinking she was a concerned parent. She went into a lot of other details, that I thought were too much to know (how many hours does he spend before TV, what he eats for breakfast etc), and out of curiosity I asked her which grade her kid was studying. I haven’t still gotten over her reply. She said – LKG. My head started buzzing with “Are you serious” and other profane questions.

I bet this not only one incident. I have seen a number of parents, every second of whose lives revolves around their kids. Pampering is one extreme, this is another. I was at this parlour the other day, where a fellow customer was beaming with pride on how she has enrolled her kid for a “memory class”. Apparently these classes teach you how to mug up, which is essential for the curriculum. For which another parent replies that she sends her daughter to handwriting class (at the age of 3) so that she can write better. It is not just in the outside world. My sister’s kid at the age of 2-2.5 was taught A-Z (wait, it’s not apples, balls cat, those she knew much earlier). A-Z of dino dictionary, that is, A-Z of the names of dinosaurs. Acanthopolis, bactorsaurus, camelotta. Dinosaurs haven’t been in this world in ages, and they don’t seem to understand.

This probably is because of the fact that couples resort to having a single kid due to a number of reasons, and may be focus way too much on the one. Or because the kids stay at home most of the times and the times where children were forced to return home are gone. Or may be this is the whole blame it on the generation thing. May be, this was how my grandparents felt when we were growing up too. But one thing is for sure. This is not westernization. From whatever I have seen in the west, parents leave their kids free. I have not seen a parent forcing their  kids to do something that the child isn’t interested in.

There is just one hope and wish. That I don’t succumb to this too because of peer-parental pressure.

p.s: These are strictly my opinions, and as it goes with an opinion, they could be right or wrong. Please let me know what you think about it.

p.p.s: http://www.dinodictionary.com/azdict_index.asp – Look at it whenever free. Super fancy stuff 😀




English Grammar

See, I am super-fast.

While I was re-reading the earlier blog (which I should have done before posting by the way), I noticed a number of grammar mistakes. Which in turn has led me to write this post. It might be funny, but my grammar has gone down the drain in the last couple of years. Not like I was a genius earlier, but I feel the difference.

I have been thinking about it ever since I heard my classmates from Americas swallowing last few letters of a word. If it would have any impact on the way I talk and write. But it did affect the way I thought. A language is something that evolves. Even cricket does. May be, it is meant to be that way. May be I shouldn’t really look beyond whether or not people understand what I say/write.

Oh, by the way, I am working as a part-time faculty in the institute that every MBA aspirant (99.9% – just like those soap ads you see) would have been a part of. And I was taught grammar myself to handle the classes. While I sat there listening to a stalwart octogenarian, I kept wandering on how much I knew. This might sound pompous, but bad grammar was a turn off for me. I was sitting and thinking aloud if I even had the right to feel that itchy feeling when I read “can’t able to” or hear people saying “peoples”. And, oh, I almost forgot. The first report I wrote, a fellow native English speaker team mate said, I should work on my English. That was what I thought was the greatest humiliation that I would ever be subjected to in life.

I have been intending to see Mrs. Mary. The quintessential high school teacher. And I have realized I have procrastinated ten years and counting. Darn, I feel so old.

Okay, good night until I write more.

Tomorrow, I will write one read-worthy post, okay? Don’t look at me like that! I will spare you from my attempts at poetry.

For the game of thrones enthusiasts – Sleep is coming 😀

Good night! And, for the love of calvin, see below!


Catching up..

Hello there,

I am not even sure how many of you still follow this dormant page, but a big hi if you are 🙂 

I have never felt distant from writing or my blog the way I am right now. A lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote something with an intent to write. Forgive me, this post is going to be a blab, a post probably for myself to get back on track.

Time, is a tricky dude. Most often, it happens to be both the problem and the solution that we seek. One thing that’s certain is the change that it brings along. I was told by someone that it was called “growing up”. Duh, whatever 😀 Back to what life is now. I am good. I am happy, well, most of the times. And, I am thinking too much about what should I talk, what should I do, and even more about how I never cared about all this even a tiny bit earlier.

While I was reading this blog, and pages of a few friends of mine that I religiously read during those times I blogged, I believe there has been too much of a distance that has crept in. I don’t write, because I am not sure if what I write will make sense to any of you. But today, I have realized that it doesn’t really matter. Amma just asked me to switch off the light. Reminiscing all those days when she would yell at me, and I would pen down entries in the dark. When I would feel compelled to write here. This blog is my chronicle, it has seen me “grow up”. I first wrote when I was in a break after my class 12, where I had no idea where I was headed to. This blog has seen those times when I had my head completely muddled up with things that seem so trivial now. I don’t think it is right to give up now, especially not because it doesn’t make sense to you. Oh I almost forgot, I lived a life where I had nothing to hide from this blog of mine. Literally, nothing. I wish I start living life that way soon. That probably is the right way to go ahead.

On the day of colours. I am not sure if I had written about why this blog is called so. It is because, I love colours. Red, blue, black, green, purple, you name it. I like it when what I see is bright and beautiful. The title served its purpose, I kept it to bring a smile on to my face whenever I read it. And, I am signing off with a broad grin.

I am going to bore you with a number of things. About perceptions, singaara chennai, newspapers, tissue papers, quilts, salwaar, autokaar, RJ balaji, my cooking and the following disasters, New York city, Duke, Friends, living alone, live-in’s, suits/desperate housewives, CJ and his livin it, lovin it, learnin it’s, narrow-mindedness, swear words and not thinking twice before saying the F and B words, Tam brahm weddings,and other blah. Trust me. I wanted to write about every one of these in the times that I went missing 🙂 

I tell myself that I will write about whatever I like, and whenever I feel like it. 

See you all. Thanks for the love.






Ruffled Up

I consider myself a passive person, like a hundred others. It takes a lot to ruffle me up for a political/social issue. I have my opinions, and I keep them to myself. Sometimes, I even get mad at people who go all over Facebook with strong statements and then forget about it until the next incident occurs. 

Until today, until I read this.

It didn’t provoke me when a politician said something about begging and calling the rapist a brother. But, I feel so repugnant and traumatized by this article. I am not of the opinion that the rapists should be punished (okay, I can obviously see raised eyebrows and looks of disgust on your face, and we can take it later). I believe that everyone is a circumstantial sinner. Pleading for forgiveness is one thing, a lawyer fighting for the defense of the accused, I am good with that. But I feel frustrated with this. Frustrated because I am helpless, frustrated because I don’t know what I should do, more so because what I should feel about it. 

We didn’t let the girl live in peace, the least we could do is let her be in peace after she is gone.